Routing the Cables through the Cable Management Arm


Routing the Cables through the Cable Management Arm

  1. Using the tie wraps provided, bundle the cables together as they enter and exit the baskets so they do not interfere with adjacent systems.
  2. With the CMA in the service position, route the cable bundle through the inner and outer baskets.
  3. Use the preinstalled Velcro straps on either end of the baskets to secure the cables.
  4. Adjust the cable slack at the hinge position as needed.
  5. Swing the CMA back into place on the tray.
  6. Install the status indicator cable at the back of the system and secure the cable by routing it through the CMA. Attach the other end of the cable to the corner of the outer CMA basket.
To avoid potential damage from protruding cables, secure any slack in the status indicator cable before routing this cable through the CMA.

If you have sliding rails, see Sliding rails with Cable Management Arm.

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