Problems with QuickTime in Web Browsers


You may be experiencing difficulties streaming video in FortiRecorder using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This recipe guides you through the simple process of enabling QuickTime in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Important: Microsoft Edge is currently not supported, so you will have to use Internet Explorer or FireFox to access your FortiRecorder unit. Latest versions of Chrome stop supporting QuickTime plugin as well. 


Internet Explorer and FireFox Users

QuickTime 7.7.9 does not install the QuickTime Web Plug-in by default. So, if you recently installed a fresh version of QuickTime, you may not be able to stream video in FortiRecorder.
Note: All previous versions of QuickTime install the web plug-in by default.
To stream video in FortiRecorder using Internet Explorer or FireFox
  1. Run the QuickTime installation file.
  2. Select Modify.
  3. Select Optional QuickTime Features.
  4. Select QuickTime Web Plug-in.
  5. Select Change.


The installation screen
The installation screen
Selecting the plug-in
Selecting the plug-in
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Timmy Tsai

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