ISFW and Cooperative Security Fabric (Video)


In this video, you’ll how to install two Internal Segmentation Firewalls behind an external FortiGate. Once these FortiGates are installed, you will set-up a Cooperative Security Fabric between the FortiGates. This fabric will span across an entire network, using FortiTelemetry to link the FortiGates together to protect the network.

This video is part of the Cooperative Security Fabric collection. It can also be used as a standalone video.

The recipe for this video is available here.

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Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin

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Victoria Martin works in Ottawa as part of the FortiOS technical documentation team. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Mount Allison University, after which she attended Humber College's book publishing program, followed by the more practical technical writing program at Algonquin College. She does need glasses but also likes wearing them, since glasses make you look smarter.
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  • Lorenzo


    I have a Fortigate in the HQ and another Fortigate remote connected by ipSec VPN, how can I connect the remote to the upstream HQ Fortigate?

    • Victoria Martin

      Hi Lorenzo,

      In the versions of FortiOS currently available, you cannot enable FortiTelemetry on the tunnel interface. This option will be available in a future version of FortiOS, so keep an eye on the Release Notes.

      If you need to use an earlier version, a workaround that I’ve heard of but have not tested myself would be to enable FortiTelemetry on an internal interface, then have the remote FortiGate routed to that interface via the tunnel.