Installing the Device into Static Rails


Installing the Device into Static Rails

  1. Lift the device into position so that the device rails are aligned with the mounting rails on the rack.
  2. Push the device into the mounting rails as far as possible.
  3. If applicable, secure the device to the rack.
    Different devices have different options for securing the device to the rack, such as: thumbscrews built into the front panel of the device, or front handles. See Front Handles.
  4. Find the reusable tie wrap attachment points, located on the back of the two back mounting-bracket flanges, and use the tie wraps to secure the cables to the mounting rails.
  5. Push the tie wrap’s fastener through the attachment point.
  6. Push the tie wrap’s plunger until it snaps, securing the tie wrap to the mounting rail.
  7. Secure the device’s cables to the mounting rail using the tie wrap.

If you have Sliding Rails, see Installing the Device into Sliding Rails
If you need to remove your device from the rack, see Removing the Device from the Rack.

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