Installing the Device into Sliding Rails


Installing the Device into Sliding Rails

  1. Pull the two inner slide rails out of the rack until they lock in the fully extended position.

  2. Lift the device into position above the extended inner slide rails.
    The three shoulder screws on each side of the device fit into the corresponding J-slots on the inner slide rails.
  3. Lower the back of the device while aligning the back shoulder screws with the back J-slots.
  4. Engage the back shoulder screws into their respective J-slots.
  5. Lower the front of the device and fit the middle and front shoulder screws into the J-slots.
  6. The release latch at the front of the inner slide rail will snap back as the shoulder screw passes into the front slot. Use this release latch when you wish to remove the device from the rails.
  7. Press the slide-release latch on the outside of each inner slide rail, then push the device into the rack.
  8. If required, install the cable management arm. See Installing the cable management arm.
  9. If applicable, secure the device to the rack.
    Different devices have different options for securing the device to the rack, such as: thumbscrews built into the front panel of the device, or front handles. See Front Handles.

If you have Static Rails, see Installing the Device into Static Rails.
If you need to remove your device from the rack, see Removing the Device from the Rack.

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