Installing the 4 Post Rack Mount


A variety of different rack-mount brackets are provided, depending on the specific Fortinet device.

To avoid personal injury or damage to the unit, it is strongly recommended that two or more people install the unit into the rack.

Installing the Four Post Rack Mount

The unit can be mounted in any standard 19 inch, 4 post rack unit with the provided rack-mount brackets and screws.

  1. Ensure that the unit is placed on a stable surface prior to rack-mount installation.
  2. Attach the provided rack-mount brackets to the sides of the unit using the provided screws. 
  3. Position the unit in the rack. Ensure there is enough room around the device to allow for sufficient air flow.
  4. Line up the rack-mount bracket holes to the holes on the rack and ensure that the device is level.
  5. Finger tighten the rack screws to attach the device to the rack.
  6. Verify that the spacing around the FortiGate unit conforms to requirements and that the unit is level, then tighten the rack screws with an appropriate screwdriver.
Some devices may have more screw holes than screws. In this case, ensure that there is an equal number of screws used on each side of the device. The number of screws provided are sufficient for safely mounting the device.


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