Network Address Translation is a process used to modify, or translate, either the source or destination IP address or port in a packet header. The primary use for NAT is to allow multiple network devices on a private network to be represented by a single public IP address when they browse the Internet.

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis

Technical Writer at Fortinet
Bruce has been working with computers, and related technology, since before the World Wide Web was a thing. He has worked in system and network administration. He has even dabbled in technical support. He has made the switch to technical writing as part of his deep, dark and dastardly plan to make the arcane machinations of IT technology more easily understood by the poor folks who use it. That, and the voices in his head told him it was good idea. Never argue with the voices in your head. People will start to stare.
Bruce Davis

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  • Mindy

    Im just not understanding how to download, upload, utilize or install FORTINET onto my laptop nor do i know how to use SSL VPN for remote users i know what im trying to do but i guess just dont how to put the knowledge to work can you please walk me through this process.. I watched the video but honestly not helpful when they know what their doing and you dont considering it tells you to use browswer and types in something and boom there typing admin as a username and no password and their in and the video goes on i cant seem to get to that point.

    • Victoria Martin

      Hello Mindy,

      Could you please let me know the following:

      1. What FortiGate model are you using?
      2. Which version of FortiOS are you using?
      3. What have you been able to get set-up so far?