Domain Name System is used by devices connecting to the Internet to locate websites by mapping a domain name to a website’s IP address. For example, a DNS server maps the domain name www.fortinet.com to the IP address

A FortiGate can control which DNS servers the network uses. A FortiGate can also function as a DNS server, as can a FortiDNS.

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis

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Bruce Davis

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  • Olopix

    Hello sir,

    is possible to make local DNS Server details below
    Client — Pi-hole DNS Server — Fortigate — Internet

    i just want to make school project, pi-hole block any adware + work as dns server, fortigate do other service (antivirus + spam etc)

  • Bruce Davis

    In order to configure your FortiGate to act as a DNS server go to System > Network > DNS Servers. The instructions for configuring the DNS Server section are in the Advanced Concepts section of the Install and System Administration Guide.
    Take into account that configuring a DNS server correctly often requires knowledge of DNS that is beyond the scope of the handbook.

  • tamer

    thanks , how we can make the FortiGate as DNS server to resolving our internal website ?