FortiMail Troubleshooting: Defining the Problem


The troubleshooting collection of recipes seeks to assist you in determining why your FortiMail unit is behaving unexpectedly.

It includes general troubleshooting methods and specific troubleshooting tips to help you understand and rectify any problems you may have with your unit. 

This recipe covers everything you need to understand your current problem. Before beginning any actual troubleshooting, you first have to identify the problem.


Identifying the Problem

The easiest way to identify the problem is to answer the following questions:

  1. Where and when did the problem occur?
  2. Did the unit work properly in the past?
  3. Is your FortiMail unit communicating with your network? Is there a connection to a DNS server? 
  4. Is there more than one thing that is not working?
  5. Can you reproduce the problem at any time or is it intermittent?
  6. Are the servers covered by the policy working? Has a policy been disabled? Check the status of the protected servers.
  7. Is your system overloaded? View the System Resource on the dashboard.
  8. Has anything changed recently? Use the FortiMail event log to see if something has changed in the configuration. If something did change, see what the effect is when you roll back the change.
  9. After determining the scope of the problem and isolating it, what servers does it affects?

Once you have determined the problem, you can begin searching for a solution.

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