• Gustavo Kotelchuk

    Hi, what can I do if I want to configure DDNS for two different interfaces?

    • Victoria Martin

      Hi Gustavo,

      You can configure DDNS for multiple interfaces; however, this configuration must be done using the CLI commands shown in the recipe, at which point you can create multiple DDNS entries.

  • Hazem


    I have a Fortigate VM and I configured DDNS successfully via CLI.However, the option is not available on GUI. Any explanation?

    • Oscar

      Navigate to System -> Network -> DNS. Click on “Use FortiGuard Servers”. The FortiGuard DDNS options should now appear.

  • Saeel Naik

    I’m able to connect but the login page is not coming and no internet access

  • Saeel Naik

    Hi m not able to login a network which is been protected by frontiguard on my windows 7 pc. The login page is not coming how should I do it???Pls reply

  • me mine

    Any chance there’s a similar article for FortiOS 5.6?

    • Victoria Martin

      We are in the process of updating some of our most popular recipes to 5.6. I’ll make sure this one is on our list.

  • Alex

    Hi, I’m Newbie in fortinet , I was triyng to do this but in the host I place the same IP as the Fortinet and now I’m not able to log on,can you help me on how to disable the DDNS or How can I get able to log on again with my admin pass?

    • Victoria Martin

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry for the delayed response. If you still need to access the FortiGate, I would suggest either connecting using a MGMT or Console port (which ports are available depend on the model you are using).

      Otherwise, I would suggest contacting Support.

  • Patrick

    In 5.4.1: I have set up WAN1 and WAN2 (each on a distinct ISP at different bandwidths) as redundant access using static routes.

    When setting up DDNS, I can add both WAN1 and WAN2 as interfaces. What’s the effect of adding both WANs? Is there a benefit to doing so?

    • bdickie

      This configuration allows you to use one DDNS account to provide DNS records for both interfaces rather than requiring two DDNS accounts, one for each interface. Each of the WAN interfaces would resolve with a different DNS name. It seems that your DDNS provider has to support this feature. You might want to contact your DDNS provider for details. As well Fortinet support may be able to help. http://cookbook.fortinet.com/how-to-work-with-fortinet-support/

  • René Marquez

    Hello, i am having a problem in FortiOs 5.2.2, this option throught the GUI is unabled (in gray) and via CLI i can’t find an option to add fortiddns.com, i think i am missing something but can’t pinpoint what exactly.

  • Luis

    Hi, I have a question, ddns can work with an internet connection via modem 3g or 4g

    • Hi Luis, You can configure DDNS on your 3G or 4G interface. This will allow you to connect to services on your internal network during fail-over. In the CLI use the following command:

      config system ddns
      edit 0
      set monitor-interface “modem”

      • Luis

        Hi Kayla, thanks a lot

  • Lee

    hi, I found that my fortigate 30D obtained the wrong WAN IP, how can i get correct it? ths FW is behind a NAT

    • Victoria Martin

      Hello Lee,

      If there is a static IP you wish to WAN interface to have, you can set it’s Addressing Mode to Manual, then enter the desired IP/Network Mask.

      I hope that helps!

      • Lee

        yes, i am using Fortigate DDNS service

        • bdickie

          I would recommend that you contact Fortinet support to help you solve this problem. The actual solution will depend on your network and the NAT device that your FortiGate is behind. See this cookbook article for information about contacting support. http://cookbook.fortinet.com/how-to-work-with-fortinet-support/

          We have been looking into providing some information for you but have not found anything yet other than to mention that you need a NAT rule or port forwarding on the NAT device that points back at the FortiGate.

  • lee

    hi, how can i remove the ddns? from the unit, cause after i replace other unit, it block me to use back to the same domain name

    • Victoria Martin

      Hi Lee, step 4 in this recipe (located after the results) details how to deregister a FortiGuard DDNS service.

  • Hans Jørgen Strandby

    Has this feature been removed from FortiOS 5.4?

    • bdickie

      This feature is still available in FortiOS 5.4. It may have been removed from the GUI of some FortiGate models but it should still be in the CLI. What model are you using?

      • Hans Jørgen Strandby

        Using the 60D and you are correct. It is removed from the GUI but still available via the CLI. Thanks.

        • Doug Boreham

          In FortiOS 5.4, the FortiGuard DDNS configuration can be found in the GUI under Network -> DNS.

          • Everett Simpson

            Just FYI for everyone who is having problems finding the settings for FortiDDNS, if you modify the DNS settings to use custom DNS servers instead of the FortiGuard DNS servers, the FortiDDNS option disappears from the GUI. Fun part is that it still works, even if you use custom DNS. You’ll just have to enable FortiGuard DNS for a bit, add you DDNS settings and then apply them. Afterwards change the DNS back to custom. Easy as pie. 🙂