• Keyfe Ahmed

    hello victoria martin
    how can i change privious email that i registred to my new emial in fortigate 500d by using GUI

    • Victoria Martin


      If you sign into your account at https://support.fortinet.com/ and go into your Account Profile, there is an option to change the email address for your account.

  • lkosc

    yeah brilliant…. how do I log to fresh install forti vm…. damn no cookbook no nothing in place…

    • Victoria Martin


      Once you have installed you FortiGate VM, then the steps for configuring it are the same as for a physical FortiGate unit, so you can use any FortiGate recipe with your VM.

      For information about VM installation, please go to http://docs.fortinet.com/fortigate/admin-guides

      • lukasz

        Thanks, not sure if I can use any recipe to allow GUI access I found solution VM install guide doc after boring vm deployment guide at the end all I need was allowaccess, gateway and internet connection ( for licensing-weird) to gain access to web gui… preparing my own detailed technical opinion/ problems found using your devices… after 2h play with vm have already 7 potential areas of optimalization…. if somebody from fortigate want to have it…. leave your contact details

        • Victoria Martin

          I’m glad you were able to get connected. Feedback can be sent to techdoc@fortinet.com.

          • Lukasz

            the feedback doesnt cover this doc site or cookbook only… found 1 security issue and few cli related things….

          • bdickie

            If you email techdoc we can forward the info to the right teams within Fortinet. Otherwise you can contact our sales team or our customer support team.