FortiGate 3000 Series NEBS Supplemental Unit Bonding and Grounding Guidelines


NEBS Supplemental Unit Bonding and Grounding Guidelines applies to the following FortiGate devices:

  • 3700D
  • 3815D

To meet Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) and safety compliance requirements, the grounding point on the back of the device must be permanently connected to the central office or interior equipment grounding system.

Use the following parts to ensure a satisfactory ground connection to the FortiGate device:

  • One UL Listed grounding lug with two M5 bolt holes with 15.88mm (0.625in) spacing between them
  • A wire receptacle that accepts 6 AWG or larger, multistrand copper wire
  • One grounding wire that is at least 6 AWG multistrand copper wire. The wire diameter and length depend on the device location and site environment
  • Two screws with lock washers (provided).

NEBS SKU only, please check price list for NEBS SKU offering.

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