The FortiClient software provides a variety of features, including antivirus, web filtering, firewall, and parental controls, to individual computers and mobile devices. It can also be used to connect to a FortiGate using either an SSL or IPsec VPN.

FortiClient is available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android, and can be set up quickly. After being installed, it automatically updates its virus definition files, does a full system scan once per week, and much more.

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  • julio.moreno

    Hi Guys!
    I would like to ask one question. One of my users, needs to connect to a remote Fortinet VPN concentrator.
    We have installed the Forticlient, but the connectivity is not working. After troubleshooting, we can see that the Forticlient is sending the connection directly to the Firewall, not using the proxy. For company policy, It is not allowed to permit that traffic (from users to internet directly, not using the proxy).
    Do you know if is there any way to configure the Forticlient to use the Proxy to start the connection?
    The Forticlient is updated to last version (5.6.2…).

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Jean Desnoyers

    in version 5.6 mac in standalone mode the web filtering tab does not appear in the console, is this a known bug ?

    • Laura Woodward

      The Web Filter tab is available only in managed mode. In standalone mode, the tab name is Web Security. Also, when you install FortiClient 5.6, you can choose which modules to install. During FortiClient installation, you must select Additional Security Features and Web Filtering.

      • Jean Desnoyers

        Thx, worked.

  • Emre Kutlu Güler

    Dear Smart Forticlient Programmers. I am using Forticlient Antivirus free program. Program is good. It could stop even dangerous websites too but this program thinks everything virus or malware.
    I am pc gamer. Therefore I am using cracked exe files , trainers, Cheat engine program etc.
    Forticlent is always thinks they are viruses , spies or potential malwares. Sometimes I have to disable program for playing game or using trainer. I am not under protection while playing game.
    There is only selection “don’t anything 1 hour”
    This is not permanently solution.

    • Cam

      Add files or folders to exclusion lists
      This setting can only be configured when FortiClient is in standalone mode.
      To add files/folders to the antivirus exclusion list:
      1. On the AntiVirus tab, click the Settings icon beside Realtime Protection.
      2. Click the Exclusion List tab.
      3. Click the Add icon, and select Add file or Add folder from the drop-down list.
      Any files or folders in this exclusion list will not be scanned.
      4. Click the Minus icon to remove files or folders from the list.
      5. Click OK to save the setting and return to the FortiClient console page.

  • Tim Phillips

    When will there be a version of the FortiClient compatible with Mac Sierra? We’ve had users upgrade and now can’t get on our VPN

  • Dinusha Madusanka Chandrasingh

    Please Help me to Solve Problem. Air Server not working properly after fortiClient installation.

  • Mani

    I want to install forti antivirus and synchronise with fortigate can anyone help me in this