A FortiAuthenticator provides RADIUS, LDAP and 802.1X wireless authentication, certificate management, and Fortinet Single Sign-on (FSSO). FortiAuthenticator is compatible with FortiToken to provide two-factor authentication with multiple FortiGates and third party devices. Together, FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken deliver cost-effective, scalable, secure authentication to your entire network infrastructure.

FortiAuthenticator recipes

The following recipes were made using FortiAuthenticator 4.3.2.

The following recipes were made using FortiAuthenticator 4.1.

The following recipes were made using FortiAuthenticator 4.0.

The following recipes were made using FortiAuthenticator 3.3.

FortiAuthenticator videos

Additional FortiAuthenticator documentation is available at

  • Abdulaziz Alatar

    Hello ,
    I can connect FortiAuthenticator in DataCenter and connect three FortiGate remotely by VPN to use Captive portal WIFI.

  • Cascadia89

    Please keep it coming. This is a diverse device with lots of great features, but we need the “How-To” documentation to realize the full potential.
    I don’t know why someone would want to create their own LDAP server. 98% of our customers will already have a domain controller. What we need is a recipe that explains how to enable SSL VPN and IPsec that uses AD Group membership to determine which VPN profiles they are allowed to login as and how to make sure they are prompted for TFA with Fortitoken also.
    Another recipe would be how to use individual certificates generated by FAC on mobile device to enable authentication. I want to enable TFA on my Exchange Webmail Server using the IIS plugin and Fortitoken, but I want company laptops using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS) to be able to use cached domain login credentials (like they do now) and a cert to login with being prompted for TFA. Not sure if that is possible.

    • Keith Leroux

      Thank you, Cascadia89! Great suggestions, indeed! We’ve just started creating recipes focused on FortiAuthenticator, and we have a few that aren’t in this list yet. We’ll definitely keep the recipes coming. Stay tuned!

      Thanks again for the feedback!