Viewing the FortiGate or FortiExtender Modem List


This article shows how to view the most recent version of the supported modem list for FortiGate or FortiExtender.

These lists depend on the modem database version, not the version of FortiOS used. The examples shown in this article use screenshots from FortiOS 5.4, but they are also accurate for FortiOS 5.2. Any differences are listed with an asterisk, like this:

You can find a list of supported modems by following the instructions below. If you are using FortiExtender, you can find a list of supported modems by viewing the latest Release Notes for your FortiExtender model at

You can also view the modem lists in the FortiGate interface by enabling either the modem interface or FortiExtender.

Method 1: Viewing the FortiGate Modem List

A FortiGate 100D running 5.4 (Interim build) was used in this example.

1. Enabling the FortiGate modem interface

The modem configuration is hidden in the FortiGate GUI by default. Enter the CLI commands shown on the right to enable it. 

Log in and out to refresh the GUI page.


config system modem
 set status enable

2. Viewing the supported modem lists

Go to Network > Modem and select Configure Modem.  
Click the FortiGuard button to get the latest version of the supported modem lists, and then select the plus button to expand either list. 



Method 2: Viewing the FortiExtender Modem List

After connecting the FortiExtender to the FortiGate using a QuickStart guide, follow the example below. 

A FortiExtender 100B and a FortiGate 100D running a 5.4 (Interim build) were used in this example.

1. Enabling the FortiGate to show FortiExtender configurations

Enable the Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) on the port which the FortiExtender is connected to. This allows the FortiExtender to communicate with the FortiGate using CAPWAP. Enter the following CLI commands:


config system interface
 edit [port]
  append allowaccess capwap

The FortiExtender configuration is hidden in the FortiGate GUI by default. Enter the following CLI commands to enable it:

config system global
 set fortiextender enable
 set wireless-controller enable
Go to System > Feature Select and enable FortiExtender features.  

2. Authorizing the FortiExtender

Go to Network > FortiExtender and set the Interface Name to the port the FortiExtender is connected to. Select Authorize.



3. Viewing the supported modem lists

Go to Network > FortiExtender select Configure Settings.


Select Supported Modems to go to the supported modem lists.

Click the FortiGuard button to get the latest version of the supported modem lists, and then select the plus button to expand either list.

For further reading, check out Modem in the FortiOS 5.2 Handbook.

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<FortiOS 5.2 notes will appear here>
This feature allows you to use the FortiExtender to connect your FortiGate to a 3G/4G Wireless network.
This step is not necessary in FortiOS 5.2.
In FortiOS 5.2, click the Update Now button and then select the triangle button to expand either list.
  • Bo Sein

    Hi all ,Please advice me how modem install to fortiExtender .I cann’t connect modem to fortiExtender.It happened inactive.I have D-Link modem (DWM-156).How can i configure modem to active.

  • Bo Sein

    Hi, I have some problem about support modem list for fortiextender.I cann’t find support modem list.I have prolink 3g USB modem.I connected prolinik USB to fortiextender but external modem is inactive. How can i do for that .please help me.thanks.

    • Hi Bo Sein, Is your FortiExtender up and running? You should be able to get the supported list off of your FortiExtender following the steps above (if not please let me know what FortiOS version, FortiExtender model, and where you are running into issues). I would recommend the Hardware manual to get FortiExtender installed Also, the Release Notes can be found at and they have a supported list, as well. Note: check to make sure your FEX model is supported by the Release Notes first, and if not try looking at an older version of the Release Notes.

  • Net

    Hi Kayla,

    Is 3G/4G feature supported by all FortiGate models including FG-1000D ang higher? Also, is this achievable for VM based FortiGates? How?

    Thank you.

  • Hand Green

    With FortiOS 5.4, when I click Network > FortiExtender, “No FortiExtender devices registered on this FortiGate.” is shown on the right and nothing can be configured. How can I solve the problem?

    • Hi, I would recommend going through your FortiExtender model’s Quickstart guide to make sure it’s connecting properly to the FortiGate. You can find this on our Documentation website: . From the FortiExtender page, select your FEX model and make sure to select the appropriate firmware version. The QuickStart guide is located under the Hardware Manuals tab. The guide also includes information on what information your FEX unit is telling you by looking at the color of the blinking lights and it’s connection status. Hopefully this information helps!

      • Hand Green

        Thank for your reply and link. Since Fortigate 60E is not in the list, does it mean that the model does not support FortiExtender? By the way, does FortiExtender mean 3G/4G usb modem? If it is not, maybe I look for the wrong solution. The things I would like to know are find out the supported list of 3G/4G usb modem which 60E supports and find out how to setup it.

        • Hi, I should clarify if you are not using our FortiExtender product and are just using a 3G/4G USB modem with your FortiGate 60E, then you should use Method 1: Viewing the FortiGate modem list (not Method 2 – which is for customers using our FortiExtender product to extend the WiFi range). Let me know if Method 1 works for you. Although it’s better to get a list off of your device to know exactly which ones are supported for your FortiGate model, you can also find a list of newer supported LTE modems here (although as you’ll notice when you read the list, some are specific to certain FortiGate models) and generally there’s more information in about USB modems in the post: .

          • Hand Green

            Thank you! Method 1 works! There is a suggestion about the modem list of method 1. If the network type (3G / 4G), supported bands and category (e.g. CAT 4 or CAT 6) (for 4G) columns can be listed in the GUI, it will be very convenient.

  • Jiri Lundak


    Thx, nice how-to, but I miss something about “how to manually add unsupported modem device”.
    Like mine LTE stick: fnsysctl cat /proc/bus/usb/devices

    P: Vendor=12d1 ProdID=1f16 Rev= 1.02
    S: Manufacturer=Vodafone (Huawei)
    S: Product=K5150

    If is it possible, short post about this problem category will be very welcome, I am not alone with similar troubles.