Connecting FortiVoice VM with Grandstream Gateway

FortiVoice VM does not have traditional PSTN ports, so if you are using traditional analogue PSTN lines, you can use Grandstream PSTN gateway to connect.

The following recipe shows you how to connect the FortiVoice VM with the Grandstream gateway.


Configuring SIP Extensions

To configure provisioning SIP extensions on FortiVoice

  1. Go to Phone System > Advanced Setting > Auto Provisioning.
  2. Enable Auto Provisioning.
  3. Go to Extensions > Extensions > IP Extensions.
  4. Select New
  5. Add a SIP extension with its MAC address
  6. Select Create and reset your system.
Enabling auto provisioning
Enabling auto provisioning
Creating a new IP extension.
Creating a new IP extension.



Configuring FortiVoice to Connect with PSTN Gateway

To configure FortiVoice to connect with PSTN Gateway

  1. Go to Trunks > Office Peers and select New.
  2. Add the GXW4104 gateway as a peer office.
  3. Enter the IP address of the gateway as remote server and leave Authentication Settings unchecked.
  4. Go to Call Routing > Outbound and select New. 
  5. Add outbound call routing rules to direct outgoing calls to GXW4104 from FortiVoice. In the example to the right, all calls to destination numbers longer than seven digits are forwarded to the PSTN lines connected to the Grandstream gateway. Remember to select the peer office created in the previous step as the trunk in call handling.
  6. Go to Call Routing > Inbound and select New.
  7. Add inbound call routing rules for incoming calls from GXW4104 gateway. In the example to the right, all incoming calls are forwarded to the extension provisioned previously.

    If you have more than one extension, you can forward incoming calls to the auto-attendant so that the caller can enter the desired extension number when prompted.

Creating a new office peer
Creating a new office peer
Adding outbound call routing rules.
Adding outbound call routing rules.
Adding call inbound routing rules.
Adding call inbound routing rules.

Configuring Grandstream GXW4104 Gateway

For this procedure you will need to download an IPQuery tool from Grandstream.

  1. Connect the WAN port of GXW4104 to your network switch. It will be assigned an IP address by your internal DHCP server.
  2. Connect to the web interface of GXW4104 by entering the IP address obtained by the IPQuery tool. 
  3. Create an account with the FortiVoice IP address as the SIP server.
  4. Disable SIP registration for the account you just created.
  5. Add a channel using the account created in the example to the side. Authenticate ID and Authen Password can be left blank.
  6. Configure channel settings to unconditionally forward calls from PSTN to FortiVoice.
  7. Set the dialing method to 1 stage. 
Creating an account
Creating an account
SIP settings
SIP settings
Configuring channel settings
Configuring channel settings

Verifying the Configuration

You should now verify the connection between the Grandstream gateway and FortiVoice.

  1. Make an incoming call from the PSTN side to the number(s) attached to the phone line connected to the Grandstream PSTN port. Make sure your FortiFone receives the phone call and the caller ID is displayed
  2. Make an outgoing test call from FortiFone using the destination number pattern defined in the outbound call routing rule on FortiVoice so that they can be forwarded to the PSTN gateway. Make sure the call is successful and the caller ID is displayed.

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