Blocking Social Media (Video)


In this video, you’ll learn how to block access to social media websites using FortiGuard categories. You’ll need an active license for FortiGuard Web Filtering services. FortiGuard categories allow you to take action against a group of websites in a certain category. Computers on your internal network will not have access to any websites that are fall into FortiGuard’s social media category. 

The recipe for this video is available here.

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Kayla Robinson

Kayla Robinson

Technical Writer at Fortinet
Kayla Robinson works in Ottawa as part of Fortinet's Technical Documentation and New Media team. With a Bachelor's degree from Carleton, and a graduate certificate in Technical Writing from Algonquin College, she enjoys creating FortiOS Cookbook videos.
Kayla Robinson

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  • Mark LeLacheur

    Can you point me to a list of sites blocked by enabling the social filter?

    • Victoria Martin

      Hi Mark,

      There is no list of sites available. However, if you go to the FortiGuard page on web filtering, you use the URL/IP Rating & Info search to determine what category a specific website is currently in.

    • Judith Haney

      Hello, you can find a description of the FortiGuard web filtering categories at On that page, you can enter a URL or IP address to view which category it is in. Bear in mind that when a website contains elements in different categories, web pages on the site are separately categorized. You can also explore the beta site for FortiGuard Labs at However, a list of sites blocked by enabling one filter or another is not currently available. — I hope this information is helpful.