Blocking Facebook with Web Filtering (Video)


In this video, you will learn how to block access to Facebook and its subdomains using web filtering. To do this, you will create a static URL filter for You will also use SSL inspection, to make sure that encrypted traffic to Facebook is also blocked.

The recipe for this video is available here.

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Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin

Technical Writer & Head Cookbook Chef at Fortinet
Victoria Martin works in Ottawa as part of the FortiOS technical documentation team. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Mount Allison University, after which she attended Humber College's book publishing program, followed by the more practical technical writing program at Algonquin College. She does need glasses but also likes wearing them, since glasses make you look smarter.
Victoria Martin
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  • Matheus Mumbala

    My FORTIWIFI 60c does not want to update the firmware version. I’m still stuck on version 5.0.

    • Victoria Martin

      Hi Matheus,

      One thing that may be going wrong is that you are trying to use firmware for the FortiGate 60C, rather than the FortiWiFi 60C? If that isn’t the case, I would recommend contacting support so they can troubleshoot the issue.

  • Adrian Kelley

    You are awesome! This is my home firewall and I’m having so much fun with it! I conquered my first problem by getting gmail access back! YAY ME!!! Thank you!